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  • Love and Bravery: Hardcore Acts of Courage by Suanne Laqueur

    0 out of 5

    From the award-winning author of The Fish Tales and the Venery series comes sixteen short stories that are smart and softly hardcore.

    If a novel is a banquet, Laqueur’s anthology is a tapas course. Literal love bites that that focus on isolated moments in time. Microfiction that captures the middle of the action without worrying much where things started or where they’ll end up. Each vignette touches on the notion of bravery. Because love is always worth the risk.

    From a joyful retiree in Bali to a terrified journalist in Syria, Laqueur explores erotic courage. A blind date in Manhattan. A secret crush in Canada. An ancient aphrodisiac in St. Lucia. A Brazilian street block during Carnavale. A box seat at the Paris Opera. A train ride with a lover, or a stranger. A swim with dolphins. A challenge accepted.

    How far will you go for your heart’s desire? How passionate a chance will you take?