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  • Punished by Professor by Maisy March

    0 out of 5

    Ruby Slate isn’t a bad student. Not really. She’s just distracted. By her hot-as-hell biology professor, Alex Henson. And it seems he might be just as distracted as her.
    When Ruby gets a failing grade on her biology exam, it’s the perfect excuse to talk to him—however embarrassing, considering she needs this grade to pass.
    Professor Henson offers her extra credit to save her grade—by agreeing to let him do whatever he wants to her. She’s been daydreaming about his touch since the first day of school, but now that it’s all coming true, can Ruby handle what’s to come?
    A hot and steamy erotic short with a naughty schoolgirl and domineering professor. The first in the Punished by Professor series, this short story includes graphic content.