• Prophecy: Blood Moon by Madelynne Ellis

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    From NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author, Madelynne Ellis– PROPHECY is the first installment of the Blood Moon serial.

    Raised as human, but branded a demon, Blaze Makaresh has to stay ahead of two forces–the fiends intent on claiming him as their prince and a group of ruthless hunters set on destroying him before he can ascend to the throne. His only hope of survival is ex-demon hunter, Asha Lemarche.

    Asha is connected to Blaze in a way that runs far deeper than their intense physical attraction, a fact she’s only slowly coming to realize. Regardless, she’s determined to protect him and keep the city free of monsters. However, when their human foes outnumber their demon ones tenfold, she’s forced to make a difficult choice. If she allows Blaze to cross over, he’ll be safe, but at what cost to his humanity?