plant sex

  • Medusa Marines in the Mutant Menage (Tales of the Medusa Marines, Book 3) by Natalia Dire

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    When a sexy, sweaty squad of Medusa Marines crash landed in the steamy jungles of Flaxis Five, they expected to find an inhospitable world. Instead, they encountered a perfect paradise of carnal pleasures. Amidst the sentient jungle’s alien aphrodisiacs and intimately curious vines, they’ve shed both their gear and their inhibitions. They’ve even gained a taste of the plants’ powers themselves, manifesting mutations that promise to be as useful in lovemaking as they are in battle. When their rescue ship finally comes, will these squadmates choose to stay behind, or can their ravishing blonde admiral entice them to come aboard, to deliver a special “hands-on” after-action report?

    This 6500+ word story, a sci-fi adventure sizzling with eroticism, is Natalia Dire’s longest to date. It is the third and final book in her Tales of the Medusa Marines trilogy. Book 1 (The Erotic Flora of Flaxis Five) and Book 2 (Seed of the Hungry Jungle) are available now, and a Complete Collection is on the way!