Piper Dean

  • Flash Drive by Piper Dean

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    Melissa is a demure 29 year old administrative assistant who views herself as decidedly average. She has her friends, her parents and her cat, but otherwise lives a fairly mundane life. She would like some excitement and some romance, but is starting to despair of anything like that actually happening.

    Everything starts to change one morning when she finds a flash drive on the floor of the lobby where she works. In an attempt to determine who it might belong to, she starts reading through the files saved on it, hoping to find the name of the owner, or some clue to his or her identity. What she finds instead is a collection of emails and sexual fantasies shared between two people whose identity remains a mystery. Are they someone’s personal daydreams? Or could they possibly be the real-life experiences of two people who have something she can only dream of?

    As Melissa follows along with the contents of the flash drive, she begins to recognize landmarks from the stories. Soon she is visiting these places herself, hoping for more than just the drive owner’s identity. She wants some of that life herself.