Pinar Tarhan

  • A Change Would Do You Good by Pinar Tarhan

    0 out of 5

    Janie desperately needs a change, and she needs it yesterday.

    Ever since her boyfriend died and their mutual best friends moved to Canada, she’s been lost and unable to enjoy life.

    So she gets a new wardrobe, job, car, and place. In another city.

    The new job and apartment are great, but her colorful neighbors will be a challenge to get used to:

    – Agoraphobic Michelle and her car-crash happy son who is obsessed with curing his mom,
    – Part-time model/fashion designer Ben who seems to be competing for the worst boyfriend award and his miserable girlfriend Linda who hates her career,

    – Goth metal chick Ashley who loves drugs, guns, and weird parties,

    – Lackluster cops Sam and Tom who want a more exciting life.

    Luckily Janie has met Greg, a handsome therapist who might be the best friend a person can have. And her downstairs neighbor Kevin, a pro surfer with the looks of a Norse god, seems fun and friendly enough.

    With all the antics and chaos going on, only one thing seems certain: Her neighbors provide her with more distraction and change than she was ever ready for, including an epic romance…