• Love Torn by Stacy Eaton

    0 out of 5

    Detective Kali Mann lives by her nickname: The Mann-Eater. She’s a true love them and leave them with no attachments—ever. She’s hard-core, to the point, intense and she doesn’t always play nice with others. When her partner, Keith Harvard, finally gets her to take notice of him, the case they are working goes awry, and suddenly Kali is having emotions she’s not sure she wants. A major part of her past will come back to haunt her and just as she beings to open herself up, her life will be torn apart.

  • Blackjack & Moonlight: A Contemporary Romance by Magdalen Braden

    0 out of 5

    Sex v. Love–a battle in the courtroom and the bedroom!

    Hotshot litigator Elise Carroll doesn’t have time for romance–she wants to make partner at her Philadelphia law firm. Despite her mother’s urging, Elise avoids settling down by keeping her relationships short and sexy. Her idea of a perfect date? Beer and pretzels at a Phillies game.

    When Jack “Blackjack” McIntyre–Philly’s super-sexy new judge–falls for Elise in court, she’s horrified. He “claims” to be in love with her–but that can’t possibly be true. He doesn’t give up trying to wine and dine her, though, so she devises a new scheme. Like all men, surely he’ll leave after a short and sexy fling.

    Only problem–Blackjack refuses to sleep with her! They compromise–she’ll go on his romantic dates if he’ll alternate them with her “just sex” dates. Their contract works surprisingly well–until Elise can no longer find the line between love and sex.

    Can Elise get her life back where she wants it–in a partner’s office? Or will Jack McIntyre use his superpowers to win their contest of wits?