Paul Draker

  • NEW YEAR ISLAND by Paul Draker

    0 out of 5

    “A twisty, engaging thriller featuring well-developed characters.” —Kirkus Reviews

    “…one of the most thrilling and nuanced books that I’ve read in the past several years. Meticulous yet effortless…” —Madeline, Top 500 Reviewer

    “Brilliant psychological thriller… dark, intelligent, with an intriguing, captivating plot.” —Edward Shook, Reviewer

    “As a whodunit, New Year Island ranks up there with Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians.” —Robin Landry, Top 500 Reviewer

    “…exceedingly well written…wonderfully horrific… doesn’t read like a first novel, but rather like one written by a pro who has been at this for a long time.” —James Tepper, Top 1000 Reviewer

    “…nearly impossible to set down …awfully, awfully good and shamefully good fun.” —T J McCarthy, Top 1000 Reviewer

    “This is one you don’t want to miss.” —OutlawPoet, Top 1000 Reviewer


    Ten strangers, recruited by an edgy new reality show and marooned on an abandoned island overrun by wildlife.

    One dies in a horrible accident.

    Nine realize they all are past survivors, alive only because they’ve beaten incredible odds once before.

    One by one, their hidden secrets are revealed.

    Eight discover they are trapped. Caught in a game so deadly that the most terrifying experiences of their lives were only its qualifying round, they now face the greatest danger on the island… each other.

    Worse, one of them is not who he or she claims.

    Seven fight to escape.

    Six try to solve the mystery of who lured them there and why.

    Five… Four… Will anyone survive New Year Island?