Patricia Lowell

  • Night by Patricia Lowell

    0 out of 5

    Two paths stretched before her. Which one held the dream, and which the nightmare?

    A woman in her late thirties was not supposed to be grasping at reinvention. But Rachel’s life had just been broken. And when Tyrone St. Clair crashed headfirst into it, dangerous yearnings pulled her to him.

    Twenty-two years old, and already a mogul. A dark god intent on conquering every part of her.

    But could she survive his demons…or would she be destroyed in the process?

    “Night” is an erotic novella intended for mature readers.

  • Kara’s Song by Patricia Lowell

    0 out of 5

    Serenity has strange wellsprings.

    She shouldn’t be feeling this way about…him. She knew that. Her son’s friend; not of her race. A man raised in the ghettos of the South Side, to boot.

    But Astrid Fagerberg was weary of being a nice, proper Chicago hausfrau. Life had left her raw and wounded; what did she have to lose?

    Join Astrid as she struggles to breathe through the collapse of her middle class existence. Fights to understand her own visceral yearning to be mastered and owned.

    And finds an entirely unexpected sweetness waiting for her at journey’s end.

    Kara’s Song is a 27,000-word erotic romance intended for mature readers.