• Sex Guide for Women, Sex Guide for Men and Sex Addiction Box set by Adahi Flores

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    Discover The Ultimate Sex Guide for Women and Sex Guide for Men. Discover How to Better your Sex Life and How to Make it more Intense

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    These sex guide for men and sex guide for women contain proven steps and strategies on how to learn one of the most amazing powers we all possess SEX and use IT in our everyday lives to increase our levels of happiness and enjoyment.

    By applying what is included in this sex guide you can begin to change your life and start seeing magic happen in your sex life, In this book you will learn how to have a more meaningful relationship with your partner and enjoy more intense pleasure.

    Inside this sex guide you will find some concepts and ideas that will dramatically change the quality of your life by giving and receiving awesome sex and make love depending on the outcome of your desire in that given moment.

    This great sex guide contains proven steps and strategies on how to have amazing sex by teaching you how to give and receive the most amazing and intense sex in your life. This is not just a book about having sex, but it will also show you how to make love to your partner in the most intimate and intense way possible.

    Lots of people that have been having sex and enjoying it don´t realize that they can go far beyond what they are currently capable of. So before you finish reading this book, you will have the knowledge to enjoy the most fantastic sex you could have ever imagined!

    In this awesome Sex Guide box set you will learnh2>

    An Introduction to Sex

    Understanding Foreplay

    Getting in Position

    Spicing things up

    Keeping it Up

    Tips for Men


    Fun Sex Positions

    Tips About Sex

    How to Unleash your Sex and Love Potential

    Enjoy Your Intimate Life At The Most

    How To Transform Your Sex Life

    How to sweep him off of his feet

    Best Sex Positions


    Much, much more!

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  • Red Hot Shorts by Camille Towe

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    Five naughty stories in one sizzling volume! Includes two of Camille Towe’s filthy fairy tales.


    Full Metal Jack-it


    Gotten Eve Eaten

    Goldilocks Sucks Cocks

    Horny Hansel and Greedy Gretel