paranormal romantic suspense

  • Hunter (Decorah Security Series, Book #20) by Rebecca York

    0 out of 5

    Fleeing from a killer, Kathryn Kelley took a job where she thought she’d be safe. But as soon as she arrived at the closely guarded government compound in Western Maryland, she wondered if she’d only jumped from the frying pan into the fire. She’d been hired to socialize a man named Hunter—no last name. He was supposed to be a criminal whose memory had been erased, but she couldn’t believe the story she was told about him. The more she got to know him, the more she fought to strip away the lies and get to the heart of the man. But even as the two of them grew to care deeply for each other, she knew that every move she made only put her in graver danger. Finally, she realized that the two of them had to escape. But did Hunter have the skill and the cunning to save her life? And what if he had to sacrifice himself to do it?

  • Shrew & Company Books 1-3 by Holley Trent

    0 out of 5

    These women won’t run from a fight…or true love.

    Meet the ladies of the Shrew & Company private investigation agency in these first three installments from the sexy, action-packed paranormal romance series.

    The Problem with Paddy

    After an unregulated research trial warped her DNA and turned her into an honest-to-goodness mutant, detective Dana Slade became an unwilling initiate into the mysterious paranormal world. The new were-cat Patrick O’Dwyer could be the perfect partner Dana didn’t know she needed, but not if she can’t convince herself that another chance at love is worth the risks.

    Framing Felipe

    Sarah Miller isn’t interested in a relationship with a man who cheats death for a living, but something about Felipe Castillo has her enthralled. Perhaps it’s because the handsome acrobat seems to have just as many secrets as her…or even more.

    Bryan’s Betrayal

    Were-bear lieutenant Bryan Ridge needs Shrew & Company’s help in overthrowing his group’s Alpha, and investigator Tamara Ursu has all the right qualifications for the job. She can help him if she can get past the wealth of distractions. Bryan’s bear is sniffing around for a mate, and for some strange reason, Bryan makes Tamara sick. Literally.