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  • When Love is Life or Death by P.M. Fox

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    In a medieval culture, Cassandra's hand in marriage is given to a King she has never seen. She is ushered into the bridal suite by an attractive man who turns out to be her attendant. His role is to prepare her sexually for the King, however, intercourse with the new Queen is punishable by death. The King's previous wives were executed for their failure to produce an heir. Cassandra and her attendant fall in love while, in the kingdom, a revolution forms. The King's patience wears thin when Cassandra does not become pregnant. Will she find another way? This erotic romance will keep you turning pages as Cassandra seems fated for execution.

  • Magic Hands by P.M. Fox

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    Sarah goes to a party reluctantly hosted by an old friend, running into her former boyfriend who she's had the best sex of her life with but the problem is, now she's engaged.

  • The Score by P.M. Fox

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    A drug dealer stops by his distributor's on a Friday night for his weekend stash and gets invited into a three-way with the other guy's hot girlfriend.

  • The Hollyood Hustle by P.M. Fox

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    A street hustler meets a john and they role-play, the hustler assuming the persona of Hollywood Legends like James Dean and Steve McQueen. as he tries to make ends meet on the mean streets of Hollywood.

  • Sauna Sluts by P.M. Fox

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    Wyatt Fielding gets invited into a “private” sauna session in a New York City gym where men of all ages engage in pleasurable activities.