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  • The Thief Who Stole Eternity by Pam Kesterson

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    A modern saga continues in the Infinīte Series.

    The Thief Who Stole Eternity by Pam Kesterson

    braids together the dystopian and utopian in brilliant scenery, immortality, myths, and faith.

    The Thief Who Stole Eternity is the second book in the Infinīte Series. It’s a story of first love as Cat and Shenser reunite together and meander through a landscape woven of legends and illusions in search for Saidi, a lost Infinīte, and other Infinītes enslaved across the world. Driven by obsession, Cat cannot resist Shenser’s offer to help. A captivating story of startling beauty and dismay. From tarnished, and at times regretful heroes, to narcissistic villains.

    The protagonist, Cat, had a brief appearance in book one. Now both the new and familiar cast delights the pages of believable and efficient personalities, all capable of accomplishing inconceivable feats. These characters build the network between reality and illusion.

    An exciting, and at times horrifying novel that refuses to be detailed by any one genre. Experience the unforeseen world of the Infinītes.

  • Becoming a Billionaire Boss by Gilda Gang

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    Jenna Hale’s an intimate personal assistant, used by her boss and his Partners for anything imaginable. She’s waited months for a chance at a promotion, and now she’s expected to serve ten Partners at the International Convention in Dubai. Can she prove her worth, or will she end up on the unemployment line like the assistant who came before her?

  • Hot and Dirty Erotic Tales 2 by Charles Roberts

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    Part 2 in the series of “Hot and Dirty Erotic Tales”, these are stories of lust, pleasure, shame, guilt, sin and ecstasy for both men and women.

    Lose yourself in a world of fantasy and desire … where Harriet Colsden the vicar’s daughter has fun and games with a burglar she caught red-handed … where missionary Sylvia Barton-Rogers, lost in the jungle, stumbles into a village of sexually liberated pygmies who test her conservative morals to the limit … where Chinese student Ya Wen Hsu goes a little too far in her attempts to assimilate into American college culture while at a house party … where Charles Golwich gets a devilish idea when he sees his wife having a video chat with her elderly mother … where Captain Roseanne Fields of the USS Benwith gets a surprise when she takes shore leave with her commanding officer.

    With a unique and quirky adult twist, Charles Roberts intrigues and arouses with this titillating, sizzling anthology of erotic stories guaranteed to keep you up late into the night.


    Warning: explicit content.