Olivia Gaines

  • Wanted: Mistletoe – A Hot Holiday Romance Collection by Stephanie Morris, Debra Elise, Megyn Ward, Shelley Munro, Olivia Gaines, Britney Bell, S.A. Clayton, Pandora Snow, Whitley Cox, Ellen Mint, Charmaine Louise Shelton, Kaylee Monroe, Barbra Campbell, Willow Sanders, Toni Denise, Roxy Wilson, Sharon Wray, Bonnie Poirier, Kimberly Ann, K. T. Bond, Marie Landry, Evie Baxter, Sarah Stein, Susanna Eastman

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    Dear Santa,
    Before I explain, how much have the elves told you?

    Who’s ready for a little naughty & nice? With some mistletoe and holiday cheer, anything can–and does–happen during Christmas.

    Your favorite contemporary authors have gathered around the Wintery hearth to bring you scintillating holiday romances. These sexy stories will deck your halls with filthy balls. If you’re not on the naughty list yet, you will be after indulging in these steamy reads. Whether you’re naughty or nice or you’re on Santa’s watchlist, these romances will put you in a celebratory mood and warm your heart.

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  • Blind Seed by Olivia Gaines

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    At a remote campsite in the mountains of North Carolina, a woman arrives seeking the protection of Boyd Glover, the technician known as Falling Rocks.

    Falling Rocks is renowned for being a careful, meticulous planner who leaves nothing to chance. He thinks everything through, six times over, before making a move or a decision. However, the skills of the accident specialist paled in comparison to their team leader, The Archangel. A leader, three steps ahead of everyone in the game, especially Falling Rocks, who enjoys the life of a loner.

    Charlotte Worthington didn’t want to be under the protection of such a man, nor to be forced into his company, but she needed a change in her life. If the Archangel said this is where she needed to be, then she trusted his guidance. She understood why Falling Rocks was chosen to be her champion, and also realized he was the man the Archangel had chosen to be her husband.

    Too bad no one told that to Falling Rocks.

    The Technicians return to summarize unanswered questions, bring to a conclusion a lingering problem, and start a new adventure. There is always love, laughter, and learning in the next installment of the international best-selling serial, the Technicians. The ground is tilled for a fresh planting, this time, with a Blind Seed.