• Love Dare: What You Can Do for Love? by oatsumoto

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    This book translated from topic about woman that fall in love with her friend and she tried to surprise him by carry a poster “MISS YOU” and took a photo with her on every country she went to. At the end the guy who she loves has girlfriend before she show all of her effort photo to him.

    I think everyone has this moment that love drive you to do something which you never dare to do. Although, you are not fulfill with your love but the moment that you try to do something for your lover is a good memory. Even the time is past you will never forget it.

    Every comment in this topic will share each experience that pretty, funny, romantic and sweet with you.

    Somebody can break up with her boyfriend because he forces her to quit reading a comic. In spite of she consent everything.

    Somebody try to go to gym and lose weight for his or her lover.

    Somebody never take a bath in the morning but because of love that change them to take a bath in the morning.

    This topic is from Thailand. Thai culture will be different from your country but you will see how Thai people are or how Thai people crazy in love.

    Lastly, hope you enjoy with this book and thank for your support.