• ‘I Don’t Need A Sugar Daddy’: The Story Of A Young Nursing Student Finding Love In The Most Unexpected Place by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Sara, an LVN at an assisted living home is asked to work with one patient in particular. The patient, Bob is an aging man who just suffered a major skiing accident. He is at the whim and assistance of the young coed who, during his seven weeks in the facility will become more than just a nurse.

  • Ryker (Kings of Korruption MC #1) by Geri Glenn

    0 out of 5

    Charlotte’s on the run from a bad bunch of bikers and looking for a fresh start. A tragic childhood has taught Ryker that commitment, in his world, is never a good idea. When Charlotte meets Ryker, she knows she should stay far away but when her past comes knocking, Ryker will risk his club and his life to save the one woman he may want, but can never have.

  • Wake Up Forever by Mandi Moane

    0 out of 5

    Billionaire Tony Stone hires recent graduate Camella Green, a Registered Nurse, to help with his sick trophy wife Brittney. Her life changes dramatically after taking the job.

    As time passes, black and beautiful Camella is able to start to see the truth about the powerful, white billionaire.

    Tony never really loved his wife, but he’s still a decent man.

    Then tragedy strikes.

    Will power and wealth drown out any chance for an interracial romance or will true love win out in the end?

  • Hospital Temptations by Samantha Bears

    0 out of 5

    Danielle Pierce hungers for a feeling she has never known. Right out of nursing school, a mysterious man entered her life through the ER of Mercy General. Three years later, feelings have intensified, his mystery has heightened, and her morals have been compromised.

    Denied the one thing she wants the most, Danielle ignores the pain the only way she knows how; partying, drinking and treating her patients with her own brand of medicine. When her heart demands the impossible, the lines of acceptable behavior begin to blur.

    Under the watchful eye of a strict supervisor, and one infraction away from unemployment, can Danielle continue risking it all over a man she’s never had or will her raunchy escapades lead to a new desire and a whole new way of life?