novel contemporary

  • The Two Richards by Alina Kryvenets

    0 out of 5

    Christmas Eve – a time of wonder. The tangerine and ginger air of New York, the bright lights of a busy city, and a belief that something wonderful was going to happen to you for certain.

    That’s the way it was for Amy. The beautiful, successful, 32-year-old Amy had achieved a lot, but she was still looking for the most important thing – her man. In the space of six months her life has gone through a one-hundred-and eighty-degree transformation: a move from New York to Los Angeles, a new environment, and a new woman – Amy.

    Everybody comes into our lives for a reason. Do you believe that? Amy believes it, and what happens to her defies any logic. The irony in her life: is the two Richards. Completely different, and yet similar at the same time. And when happiness is so close, everything could crumble in a moment.

    The novel follows the life of this strong woman over the course of six months, who was able to open a business following her divorce, and become a different woman, a better person than she was the day before.

    Amy – is a reflection of any woman. You will delve deeply into her life and discover, to your surprise, how much she has in common with everyone. When you read this novel, you won’t notice that you will go through a transformation yourself, discovering answers to questions such as:

    “What’s the purpose of life?”

    “How do I accept myself, fall in love, and be in harmony with my own body, and my own thoughts?”

    “How do I learn to forgive, and how do I learn to let go of people in my life?”

    “How do I make a cardinal change in my life?”

    “How do I achieve inner harmony?”

    Above the winter blues. Above everything that has prevented us from just being really happy at the rustle of dappled wings from the butterflies we feel, and the beauty of our cozy silence.

  • The Rest of Me by Brenda Thornlow

    0 out of 5

    When Renee and Luke first met in Los Angeles in 1990, there was no doubt that their lives would never be the same. Despite their very different backgrounds, Luke is everything Renee ever dreamt of in a man, and Luke is convinced he’s met the one woman he never wants to live without. Overnight, a series of events takes place causing them to disappear from one another’s lives, seemingly without explanation.

    More than twenty-five years later, Renee is divorced and still living in Los Angeles, estranged from her family. When the company she works for offers her an amazing job opportunity in New York, she can’t pass it up. At the same time, Luke’s daughter Katie has been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Luke and Renee will soon discover that their lives will again take a dramatic turn.