Nonnie Frasier

  • The Tycoon’s Mistress: A Historical Romance Novel by Nonnie Frasier

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    “Do you tell your farrier how to shoe your horses?” she asked seductively.

    Note: This is a steamy romance that takes place in the Wild West!

    When Martha was left in an alley after a vicious beating by her husband, she knew her life was over, whether she died there that night or not. However, sometimes, when God closes a door, he opens a window.

    Found by the girls at the Crystal Rose and nursed back to health, Martha decided to reinvent herself as Lettie and began work at the Crystal Rose herself, “entertaining” the men of San Francisco.

    That all changed when Jesse came to town…

    The rich man from Denver had never met anyone like Lettie, and though he could never marry her, he had to have her all his own. When a saloon went up for sale in Denver, he bought it and asked Lettie if she would run it for him.

    However, any time life gets too good, something has to ruin it. When a figure from Lettie’s past comes back, her life comes crashing down. Would her life be ruined by her past mistakes, or would her rich lover save the day once more?”