Nicole Stewart

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  • Bliss MMF Bisexual Threesome Rebirth Through Desire Book 1 by Nicole Stewart

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    A Turning Point Presents Itself In Her LifeAmelia has just broken up with Michael after discovering that he cheated on her with another man. Now she has taken a new lover in an attempt to bury her sorrows. Jacob has been exactly what that she needed: a gorgeous young guy who provides her with the kind of sexual release required to quiet her emotional turmoil.

  • Brian’s Dilemma (MMF Bisexual Threesome Menage) (The Game of Three Book 4) by Nicole Stewart

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    You won’t want to miss this steamy new installment of “The Game of Three” series. Nicole Stewart’s insanely erotic sexual descriptions and realistic observations on MMF relationships are on full display! He was crawling over her again, hips sharp against hers, pinning her to the bed as her head hit the pillow behind her. His hands ran up her sides, leaving hot trails of arousal as they traced their path. Even as she fell back onto the bed bouncing a bit she could feel him hovering over her, the hard line of his dick already riding against the crease of her thigh. She gripped his shoulders harder, digging deep into the meat of them to pull him closer.

  • Jordan’s Experiment (MMF Bisexual Threesome Menage) (The Game of Three) by Nicole Stewart

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    Brian could feel Melanie’s eyes on them, and he turned his head to look at her. She was pinching a nipple through her bra, mouth open slightly. Brian was hyper-focused on the feeling of Jordan thrusting wet and hot between his thighs and the movement of Melanie’s hand on the swell of her breast, his own dick throbbing like mad now. “Think you can multitask, Brian?” Jordan asked on a particularly rough forward thrust. “Yeah. Yes, definitely.” “Mel,” Jordan said, voice dark and low. “Take your panties off. Angle yourself so Brian can eat you out.” Melanie obeyed, stripping down the rest of the way before crawling onto the bed, positioning herself properly. Brian couldn’t move while still supporting himself with his arms, so he strained his neck forward, glad when Melanie noticed his struggle and scooted closer. She was close enough that he could smell her arousal. Jordan thrust forward again, snapping Brian back to reality. He didn’t know if he’d be able to come from this, but it certainly felt like he would come close.

  • Two Men for Melanie (MMF Bisexual Threesome) by Nicole Stewart

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    Jordan’s more than willing to do whatever Melanie wants to fulfill her fantasies, but he’s not overly excited about another man joining them. He’s expecting to endure it, but what happens ends up sparking a crisis that he should have had ten years ago. After an electric night with Brian and Melanie, he realizes that he likes men more than he thought. Melanie looked up at him, smiling. She had to remind herself that this was the point of the whole night. Both of these men, at the same time. Still, the idea of kissing her friend in any context was still a little strange. As if in response to her private thoughts, Brian’s hand cupped her jaw, giving her space to move back before leaning in and brushing his lips over hers. It felt good. The sparks she was used to with Jordan weren’t there, but there was no denying that Brian was an amazing kisser. His lips were soft and he knew how to apply the right amount of pressure, causing her to put her arms around his neck and raise up to the balls of her feet. She loved the way his nose felt against her cheek, pressing in differently than she was used to. She darted her tongue out to taste him before he pulled back.