Nicki Knight

  • Love Me Forever by Nicki Knight

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    After my parents died, I made a plan. Work the breakfast shift at a local restaurant and attend classes at night. Make enough money to pay my own way, despite the fact my parents left enough funds to cover four years of college.

    Two more years of hard work will mean a business degree. As long as I don’t spend their money, they’re still with me. Fourteen-hour days mean no time to think about love.

    Falling for the new cook? Not part of the plan.


    All I need to know is why my family’s restaurant isn’t making money. Taking a job as cook was the best idea my brother ever had. I’d find out the problems from inside.

    The last thing I need is a distraction, but I can’t get my mind off sweet, innocent Caitlyn.

    But my thoughts aren’t sweet. Or innocent.

    One night with Caitlyn is what I need to get her out of my mind. Until I kiss her soft lips and realize one night with Caitlyn will never be enough.

    This quick read has insta-love, a night of sizzling hot romance, and a guaranteed happily ever after.