next door neighbors

  • Slow Burn by M Caden & A Grayling

    0 out of 5

    My best friend quotes music like it’s a second language that only we share. He’s my go to guy for jokes and inspiration but, our relationship has been evolving into something so beautiful it terrifies me. The need I feel for him is like a constant slow burn. Now, he wants me to embrace this change.

    He wants me to be his.

    But, I’m not ready to be consumed by a perfect love. Who gets that? It’s not real. When has life ever been perfect? That exquisite slow burn always cooks you in the end.

    Since I can’t lose him, I’m struggling to take this chance. On him. On us.

    Confession Time: Slow Burn is a MF standalone novellette of 10,000 words. HEA with no cheating and a mostly wicked cool playlist (forgive us for the Beaches throwback).