Natasha Clark

  • Sinful Delights Romance Boxed Set: The Friend Series Book 1 to 4 by Natasha Clark

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    4 complete novellas of Alpha male romance. This set will delight all those who like their men rich and strong and their women feisty. These are hot romances and some of the books contain BDSM but the women are strong, real life women who demand equality.

    Anna is the friend and each of the women in these books will be changed by her friendship.

    Book One – 50 Shades of Freedom – Jude must discover who she really is to save herself from poverty. Can an indecent proposal be the answer to all her dreams or is it the beginning of a nightmare.

    Book 2 – Fays Story – The Gift – Fay is devastated by the death of her grandmother and the last thing she is looking for is romance. Drake a gorgeous stranger turns her life upside down when he tells her something that must be a lie. Will she follow him and discover her true identity or will her temper get the better of her? Fay must be careful for someone wants her dead and only Drake can save her.

    Book 3 – Elise’s Story Escape – Elise has had the hots for gorgeous billionaire boss Joel Sakharov since she started work for him. On a date she loses her virginity and then is devastated because to him it was just a fling. She run’s home to start her life anew only to find he follows. Will she be won over by his charms or will her ex best friend David finally get what he always wanted?

    Book 4 – Anna’s Story – Metamorphosis – Anna was the start, the virginal girl too shy to stand up for herself. Bullied by her boss she is miserable at work. Will a chance encounter change her life forever? Persuaded to visit a BDSM club she sees a world of leather, lace and possibility but surly it is too much for her. Will she run away or will she revel and become the confident woman she needs to be. – This is an exclusive story only available in this boxed set.

    These are hot romances with real women but contain scenes of m/f sex and BDSM that some readers may find offensive – 18 + only

  • 50 Shades of Freedom – The Friend Series Book1 by Natasha Clark

    0 out of 5

    Stuck in a broken marriage, Jude doesn't realize how little freedom she has, until her best friend makes the most preposterous proposal. Into her life walks Dominant billionaire Harrison James Master, sinfully sexy and looking for fun. Will she accept the proposition that could save her from destitution or stick to the life she has always known.

    Dark and passionate this story is about choices, experimentation and discovering what you really want out of life. Can she save her marriage, despite her husband's gambling habit and keep her dignity, or are there more important things to discover when you finally let go.

    Series reading order:

    50 Shades of Freedom

    Fay's Story The Gift

    Elise's Story