• Sans War by Ann Sepino

    0 out of 5

    “Once upon an island, two warriors learned to love.”

    In the realm beyond where humans live, the Bunog and Tayhu have been warring over trade routes and territories for nearly a century. Magda, a Bunog with blood that makes her as fast and strong as most of her enemies, is swept away by the stormy seas while fighting a Tayhu. She ends up on an island in human territory—along with the man trying to slay her.

    Just as she regains consciousness and attempts to finish Malakan off, two children appear before them, hungry and in need of tender loving care. Unwilling to battle in front of innocent eyes, they agree to a truce. It plunges them into a different kind of war, one they have to wage not only on the mysterious monster inhabiting the island but also against their blossoming emotions.

    In this story inspired by the nature and mythology of Panay, Philippines, discover a tale that starts with enemies and sparks a romance.

  • Draoithe: The Ruiri Complete by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Griz was drugged and kidnapped, but the dream walker reached into the dream for help. His life mate, Melody, heard him, flew to him, and took his awareness away. She found a way to rescue him, but he was changed. Griz regains himself. A reckoning against the perpetrators had to happen. When the prophecy they lived by seemed likely to finally come true, Ash led the dragons to Draoithe. But when he found the maned wolf that had been turned without consent, he knew he would stop at nothing to save Raven. Raven thought the sexy dragon man was crazy. Can an offer she can not refuse and a chance to keep the dragon all to herself finally convince her to stay? A wildly dangerous and brazen romance balances a sensual, passionate, and charming affair. (Sex while flying isn’t bad either!)

  • Draoithe: A Pack Forms by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    When Luke meets Eli he just knows she is the one that was meant for him. Eli likes Luke, but her past makes it hard for her to trust him. When a series of events leads Luke to try to link with her, both their secrets have to be revealed. He is a direwolf shifter, and she is a tiger.
    In order for them to have a real relationship, something has to be done about her ex, but Luke likes the man. His inner direwolf wants a pack beta, but when a lowlife thief comes around looking for information about Luke being a shifter, it’s Eli and Javier who pay the price. Can he save his mate and her ex who has become his friend? If he can, how can he fight back against those who would hurt the ones he loves? It’s time to build a pack! A brazen tiger and a lonely direwolf get involved in an explicit love affair!

  • Draoithe: Dragons Come by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Ryker had gotten involved in something he had no business being in and knew it. His former military commander just might have the help he needed, but he never made it to Luke’s house.
    Lily was a fierce black panther who was kidnapped and forced into a nightmare experimental drug slave system. She escaped but ran into Ryker hurt and fearful. She mauled him.
    Could Ryker survive? Luke hunted the poor panther and offered her sanctuary, but when she saw Ryker again she claimed him for herself. Ryker had to save Lily from fading, but raising the Ri ruirech had called dragons. Life got complicated.
    A taboo magic and an attraction too hypnotic to avoid. The allure is forbidden, but Ryker uses it anyway.

  • Draoithe: Elementals by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Three dragons fall head over heels for three elemental sisters. Two of the sisters were mistreated and a bit unwilling to just walk away from everything they built before they were abducted. The third is a bit leery of her dragon, but he seems to know exactly the right things to say to make her want to stay. Plus her sister is supposed to be meeting a bear if the dragon knight admits that he belongs to the earth elemental. But loving an elemental is dangerous. They need sedr energy to build large scale magics like sentinel gargoyles. Will the dragons play energy host to three elementals? When it is discovered that the fourth sister is being hunted in their hometown, the dragons will have the chance to prove themselves to their Valkyrie. Failing to rescue the sister will doom the others to the fade. Earth, wind, water, and fire, the spirit elementals come to Draoithe. Explicit sex scenes and uncensored adult themes.

  • Draoithe: Fire and a Gryphon by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    What if the only way to protect your people was to figure out how to recharge ancient gargoyles? Marchand is sent out on just that mission, but his orders were tampered with. Even after he protested, he was still required to finish the mission. The trouble he gets into lands him at Draoithe, a prisoner unable to leave when his life mate shows up being attacked. The woman his crimes were against becomes his unlikely ally if he will only help her claim a bear. Spark is literally fire as a woman. But after a vision she saw with her sister, she is sure her bear is coming for her at Draoithe. While she waits, the idea of building sentinel gargoyles gets bandied about as an extra layer of protection for the people, and she and her sisters begin the process for combining their magic to build a full complement of fated mate stone guardians. Steamy and sweaty. Stolen innocence and endearing love.

  • Draoithe: Light And Dark Magic by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Smoke finds his mate. But she is a nephilim, a powerful first order immortal. who has the ability to steal a man’s soul or read his future in his aura. Angel knows Smoke is hers and should belong to her, but she is all alpha even if she has been hurt. Can he convince her to submit to him, or will she just claim him for herself?
    Jewel was gone. They had hurt her too badly, and she had given up. He bled for her to save her and bring her back to him. Blaze’s dark dragon magic saved her but trapped the sorceress in a prison of her own magic. When she found her way back, could she let the kind man help her, or would she be giving up too much to claim her dragon knight?
    Dark and deadly dangerous meets light and the girl next door while the teasing alpha claims a bad boy for her own.

  • Draoithe: Magic Calls to Magic by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Luke and Eli realize that they need to build the pack and Luke has decided that he is willing to entertain the idea of immortals who are not shifters when the vampires, Mihaela and Andrei, must flee their home and seek refuge among the Druid pack. But a Phillipine Eagle and a Kodiak bear arrive also seeking sanctuary. The magic of the mor tuath that raising the Ri ruirech invoked began to build a diverse kingdom calling the kings and queens it needed to build the kingdom the way Luke and Eli needed it to be. Magic flies and sparks go with it. Can two lonely lost vampires find a new home, a new position, and real love in two shifters? Maybe it is possible at Draoithe. Hypnotic and thrilling and that’s just the relationship between the eagle and the vampire. The dreamwalker’s craving for a vampire leads to danger.

  • Draoithe: The Dark Gift by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    Flame meets Nightshade and the dragon who loves the night finds himself in a no win situation to save a broken vampire. His past makes his brothers suspect him incapable of saving her. His honor makes him doubt himself. She is forbidden and taboo for him as no other could be. But Nightshade needs him because he is all that she has left. Without him she has no hope, and the fade will soon take her. Can he find a way to save her? Will the laws he has sworn to live by condemn him if he finds a way? Provocative and wild steamy sex scenes for adults only.
    No Cheating! A guaranteed HEA. Enjoy…

  • Draoithe: Synner and Sainte by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    What if a hedgewitch and a devil had a son? Worse, what if she were Irish, and the devil was from a line of kings? The Druid devil is miserably alone after his mother dies and needs a family along with help organizing that family. His deceased mother is still ruling her son from beyond the grave, and the devil has to argue with a demon to gain his mate. He gains help from a criminal warhorse and a street rat tricorn boy who eventually embroils the kingdom of Blar Elding in a guerrilla war with the Wizard’s Circle. Oh wait! This is a paranormal romance. The warhorse’s mate is actually the devil’s sworn sex slave; the devil’s life mate is a sex slave in training that the Demon Lord of Lust wants to transform as shaitan; and the tricorn’s life mate is a runaway sex slave who was bound to the Wizard’s Circle. Good luck figuring out the harem mess this evolves into. HEA! No cheating! Adult steamy situations. This Epic fantasy fairytale has it all!