Mystery thriller

  • Innocent Minds (The Innocents Mystery Series Book 5) by C.A. Asbrey

    0 out of 5

    After suffering a horrific loss, Nat and Abi must try to piece their lives together, build a future, and repair the past. But before they can figure out their own complicated relationship, they must unite to help Jake find his children—no easy task, since their mother has disappeared, and they’ve been left with a priest who is bent on giving them away!
    In a maelstrom of grief, anger, and legal complications, one of Abi’s friends, Dr. Vida Cadwallader, also a female Pinkerton, steps up to help. As Vida tries to help The Innocents make sense of what’s happening, she soon becomes embroiled in mysterious happenings within the brutal insane asylum where she consults part-time. When one of her colleagues is murdered, Vida quickly becomes a suspect.
    With no time to lose, Vida, Abi, Jake, and Nat band together to free one of the asylum’s unwilling patients who may hold the key to all their unanswered questions—if she only lives long enough to survive the escape. Now, with an unknown murderer on the loose as well, time is running short for them to find the children, solve the crime, and spirit the patient away to safety. Can they keep their necks out of the noose and buy enough time to solve the mystery shrouding their lives? Can anyone make sense of this world of shadows, darkness, and madness?

  • The Doctor’s Inn: A Private Practice by Nataisha Hill

    0 out of 5

    What a Complicated Web We Weave!

    With the purest intentions in love, we sometimes fall into an unexpected snare of deception…

    There isn’t a better way to describe RosaBella’s introduction of romance with the good doctor.
    Dr. O’Donnell continues to take RosaBella to different heights of exoticism and companionship beyond her experiences. The indecencies in their separate personal lives that have repelled them have coincidentally brought them together.

    Despite her tragedies, RosaBella found the endless and unconditional love that she yearned for. The luster that she has found in the good doctor is provocatively explosive. It’s a tantalizing distraction that prohibits them from noticing the prominent danger that lies before them.

    If you enjoy Urban Fiction Thrillers with a touch of Exoticism, you will enjoy this Erotic Suspense!

  • Paradise Flawed by Jacob Morris

    0 out of 5

    All Mike Hanson wants is a relaxing family vacation in the mountains of New Mexico; time away from his stressful Midland, Texas career and a chance to refocus on family. But the explosion of a gasoline tanker truck and subsequent forest fire not only change vacation plans but his entire life, sending Mike and other survivors on a dash for their lives. Its no accident. He is targeted to be eliminated.

  • A Family Apart (Imposters Trilogy) by T.K. Crowtten

    0 out of 5

    Arvin has spent his whole life doing everything possible to make his wife Sarah happy. Putting her in the lap of luxury and tending to her every need has not helped her to find peace with the loss of a son many years ago.Searching for their son over the years has worn on her… deep down she can’t live with the thought of her son being out there somewhere, where she can’t reach him. Or worse… dead in a ditch or unmarked grave, with no one to visit him.Tragedy has struck the Kendrick estate. Out of shadows help presents itself, can it be trusted?After all this hurt is it possible that a family apart can be brought back together with the return of the lost son? Could it really be him?

  • Fifty States of Grace by Jason Wellnitz

    0 out of 5

    Austin Trenton is walking towards a warm, bright light.

    Is his life over?

    No, it’s just beginning.


    Today he walks out of prison. He’s been in for the last eighteen months. Before the incident he was the pastor of a large and growing church. Then an old man approached him after a service for a favor. Austin impulsively agreed to help, a decision that changed everything.

    Austin’s been framed and has no idea who or why. He’s lost everything while in prison. Just as he reaches the end of his endurance, sitting in his cell, he finds a letter from his Grandfather hidden in an old book. As he reads, hope returns. His Grandfathers has set up a special project for him. A project that will take Austin to each of the fifty states.

    Today his life begins again.

    This eBook is the introduction to the Fifty States Of Grace series, a crowdsourced series of short novels set in different U.S. states. Help decide the next state Austin will visit at or Help shape what this series will become!

  • Death at Penrose Hill by Rebecca Moisio

    0 out of 5

    In 1924 England, young and single are the calling card to matchmakers and would-be cupids. Which is the case with Rebecca Highsmith, and her matchmaking aunt; a woman who believes her “spinster” niece is destined for quick marriage as soon as she finds the right man. After being dragged to a coastal party and expected to find her one true love, what Rebecca and the other guests really find is a corpse.

    What was originally a bid for love at first sight becomes a twisted game of killer hide-and-seek, as Rebecca races to discover the identity of the murderer before they strike again. Nothing will ever be the same at the Mansion on Penrose Hill!