My Alpha Billionaire

  • My Alpha Billionaire 5, What He Desires by Tawny Taylor

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    For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, a sexy New Adult series by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Tawny Taylor.

    Book 5 of the best selling My Alpha Billionaire series.

    He blew into my life like a raging storm, upending everything. Violent and yet beautiful. Powerful. Massive. I wasn’t the type to cower or run. I faced his lust and fury head-on. I fought back. I resisted. I refused to submit to his demands, though my body ached to surrender.

    Little did I know that my strength would be my undoing.

    The My Alpha Billionaire series:

    Book 1: What He Wants

    Book 2: What He Demands

    Book 3: What He Craves

    Book 4: What He Needs

    Book 5: What He Desires

    Amazon Verified reader reviews of the series:

    What He Wants: “I needed a cold shower after reading it…lol” (Karen S)

    What He Demands: “The ups and downs that this series is bringing is so exciting it will keep you on the edge of your seats and wet in your jeans” (Barb Sohn)

    What He Craves: “I truly enjoyed every word of this series and want it to continue.” (Fluttrz)

    What He Needs: “I was hooked in the first book! I read non-stop for 2 days, I couldn’t put down.” (Samuel O Rojas)