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  • New To This (A Hotwife’s Journey Book 1) by Ellie Cummings

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    How do you light that spark in your life, when it’s just about to go out?

    Jennifer and Blake Simmons are a young, married couple living in Toronto. They have a good life together, but they’ve been finding themselves feeling bored, listless — as though something in their lives is missing, and they don’t know how to get it back.

    One night, at a party for Jennifer’s work, they meet a new couple, Desmond and Haley Belanger. These two seem happy, fulfilled — everything that Jennifer and Blake want. And it just so happens that Desmond and Haley know how to bring that spark back into this Jennifer and Blake’s life.

    Now these two are finding themselves at the start of a journey, one that will change their marriage forever — but not necessarily for the good. Join them in the first instalment of a new series by Ellie Cummings, A Hotwife’s Journey!