mobster romance

  • Mobster’s Angel by Amy Rachiele

    0 out of 5

    Being smart doesn’t save you from terror and doesn’t teach you how to live with it. You can’t escape the mob. It’s part of your existence!

    Vito has grown up in the underworld of the mob. He has recently reached age eighteen. His family has been involved since the thirties. In 2014, the rules haven’t changed much. What worked then, works now; power, violence, and loyalty.

    Love isn’t something you can control. As much as Vito, mobster enforcer, wish he could, he can’t. And falling in love with someone who is close to jailbait age is even tougher. Vito bides his time and waits. For a hasty guy with limited self-control, it’s difficult to curb his impulses.

    At age fifteen, Erin just wants to forget. Erin’s world came crashing down when she learned her family was not what they seemed. She’s been living in a lie. No one told her her family was mob. The cliché ignorance is bliss becomes a sharp stabbing realization when she has to learn to cope with the aftermath.

    “Sometimes I hear him whispering in my ear as if my conscience has grown and matured into a six foot three dark haired male. The studying, reading, and listening I did to impress adults are nothing compared to what I learned from Vito.”

    ~ Erin

    New Adult Contemporary Mafia Romance Novel

    Get caught up in an Italian Mafia Romance Novel!

  • Mobster’s Vendetta, Mobster’s Series Book 3 by Amy Rachiele

    0 out of 5

    My soul was drawn to him. It isn’t about the danger or his dark beauty, it’s the connection I feel – the feeling of home I have with him even though I am miles away from it. ~Megan, Mobster’s Vendetta

    The mob underworld never changes. It hides itself deep in the cities. The rules, people, and danger are identical no matter where you go. Sometimes I wish things were different, but they’re not. ~Antonio, Mobster’s Vendetta

    Antonio and Megan have had to overcome severe challenges in the short time they have been together. Things just happen that way sometimes. Circumstance has kept them apart, but their biggest challenge is yet to come.

    Power, greed, and malice can crush a person from the inside out.

    Antonio and Megan are in Chicago. Antonio needs to take care of business.

    Business that includes taking down his Uncle – for good.

    Get caught up in an Italian Mafia Romance Novel!

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    *MATURE YA sexual content, strong language and violence. This is book three of the Mobster series.

    “I love this Mobster’s series. Each and every book is action packed, and thrilling from start to finish.”

    -The Book Whisperer

  • Mobster’s Bones by Amy Rachiele

    0 out of 5

    How can things you only glimpse for a moment sear themselves into your memory?

    ~Alessandra, Mobster’s Bones

    Alessandra has a problem. It’s not that the Mafia is the only life she knows, her father and best friend being members.

    She’s being followed. Her stalker destroys the one thing Alessandra thought they could never touch. She’s now forced to flee the only home she’s known, Palmetto.

    How can someone be so beautiful? The morning sunlight is coming through the blinds on my window casting a glow around Alessandra. She has been here for a week, and we have fallen into a routine. It is sort of like she has always been here. Imagining her leaving, gives me an unwanted stone in my stomach.

    ~ Troy, Mobster’s Bones

    Troy has his life planned out perfectly; graduate from Notre Dame with honors, get married, live a quiet life with his wife and kids in the suburbs. Just like his parents and their parents before them.

    Things don’t work out according to plan – the scaffolding of his life is crumbling before his eyes. Troy’s plans didn’t include the daughter of a mob enforcer showing up at his door and sleeping in his bed. Are Alessandra and her mafia family worth throwing away the life Troy has always wanted?

    This book can stand alone or be read as Book 5 in the Mobster Series.

    (Book 1 is Mobster’s Girl)

    Mobster Romance (Organized Crime Romance) #mobsterfiction

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