• The Serpent’s Kiss by Madelynne Ellis

    0 out of 5

    She’s the disgrace of the county…

    Bella Rushdale has returned home still unwed having eloped with Viscount Marlinscar, and she’s now engaged in a scandalous liaison with the Marquis of Pennerley. Remote Yorkshire society is outraged!

    Something ought to be done.

    Even the untrained observer can see there’s something deliciously perplexing about the relationship between Bella and the two rascals responsible for her disgrace. As rumours of unnatural activities, forbidden pleasures and the inevitable repercussions abound, Bella vigorously resists her brother’s attempts to strong-arm her into wedlock. But, all too soon everything gets out of hand, putting Bella at risk of losing far more than her reputation. Can three people whose lives and hearts are so inexorably bound forge a lasting bond? Or is their love as ill-fated as society would have them believe?

    Find out, in this tale of forbidden love between a marquis, his mistress, and the man they both once loved.

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    The Serpent’s Kiss is a Regency-set historical romance with a high heat including M/F, M/M and M/M/F interactions. Those of a timid or nervous disposition are warned against indulging.

  • Vanilla: Little Black Book Club by Remi Richland

    0 out of 5

    My name is Amelia but hardly anyone calls me that. At work I go by a different name. Some people think it’s derogatory—but not to me. It fits, because it’s who I am.
    I don’t mind working at a sex club. In fact, I love my weird little fetish family, I’m just not into the same things they are. Every night I serve the drinks and cash out tabs, but I don’t watch the shows. I’m not into the scene. I always thought I had an open mind until they taught me what it truly meant to trust, to leave everything in the hands of another person.
    Or people.
    I thought I knew what I was into.
    Turns out, I didn’t know myself at all.

  • Serviced: A Reverse Harem Novella by Remi Richland

    0 out of 5

    Some days it’s hard being the boss.
    No one knows that as well as Elizabeth Beckett. As the Event Coordinator for a prestigious Las Vegas hotel, Elizabeth burns the candle at both ends, making sure her guests are completely attended to. Taking care of others is what she excels at. The problem is that she never takes care of herself. In fact, she can’t even remember the last date she’s been on or the last time she just went out with friends and had a good time. For once, Elizabeth wants to know what it’s like to not have to do everything herself.
    A chance encounter with a handsome stranger in an elevator.
    A plain black business card with the promise of fulfilling your fantasy – whatever that might be.
    The Little Black Book Club extends an offer so enticing she can’t turn it down.
    For an entire day Elizabeth is no longer in charge. From sunup to sundown she is not to lift a finger – while having her every need taken care of by not one, but three different men.
    So rigid. So disciplined. So repressed.
    Can she handle giving up control and allow herself to be pampered?
    It’s time for Elizabeth to get serviced.

  • Hired Hand by Mia Moore

    0 out of 5

    Their sexual spark is sputtering. To make matters worse, Liam becomes injured from one of the horses in the barn. Finding Dan, the hired hand to help out for a bit is a stroke of luck!
    He’s knows his way around a farm…and other things.
    Scarlett loves her husband to pieces, but Dan’s piercing gaze, confident laugh and glistening muscles in his tight jeans spark desires she hasn’t felt in far too long a time.
    Liam notices his wife’s lingering glances at the totally ripped hired hand and is surprised at his own response. Instead of feeling jealousy, it’s kind of exciting. He wonders, “What if?…”
    Scarlett is shocked when he jokingly suggests it. He can’t be serious! It’s got to be the pain meds talking. Or does he really want this? Does she?
    The next day, she finds it hard to focus on anything. The pillow-talk fantasy is like a seed planted in rich soil, growing stronger every moment Dan is there, living with them. Every glance, every word spoken carries an undertone of flirtation. Dan quickly picks up on the sultry signals. He’s a red blooded man and she’s a hot redhead. He’s definitely game but it has to be Scarlett’s decision.
    She sheds convention along with her clothes in a sexy romp that rekindles the spark in their marriage.
    A fun, edgy and explicit tale for fearless readers!

  • Let It Snow by Abra Harrington

    0 out of 5

    Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest…

    College freshman Riley Kendrick has always been attracted to Seth, a young man his parents adopted as a teen, and Seth’s wife, Carol; he’s convinced he’ll never have either of them. But when he catches them being intimate in his bed with only two weeks before Christmas, his lonely world is rapidly turned upside down.

    “Let It Snow” is a deliciously steamy Christmas romance of 10,000 words. It ends happily, features a MMF bisexual ménage relationship hot enough to melt your e-reader, and does not depict tragedy or abuse in any way.

  • Around The Park by May Slater

    0 out of 5

    Simon has two lovers. But is that enough?

    Anne runs to him on Tuesdays. John tosses a coin on Thursdays to decide what they’ll do. They’re both sexy and inventive, and Simon’s enjoying the no-strings fun.

    But when he sees his two lovers together, everything changes. He has to make a choice that will change their relationships, and his life, completely. Is it over, or is it the beginning of something bigger?

    Neighbours & Lovers is a series of stories in a common setting, with friends and acquaintances popping up in each other’s tales. With an emphasis on multiple partner relationships, the stories contain explicit scenes, and are for over 18s only.

  • Anything But Ordinary by Madelynne Ellis

    0 out of 5

    Their ‘no strings’ affair is about to get complicated.

    One disastrous marriage was all it took for Ric Liddell to give up on commitment, so when his ‘no strings’ arrangement with Zach Blackwater and Kara North hits the rocks due to a plague of interfering busybodies, he retreats to what feels safe — sex, filthy sex, and even more filthy sex, in no particular order.

    Zach wants Ric, and not just for their connection in the sack. When his lover hurts him, he’s willing to look elsewhere for the stability he craves — and he doesn’t have to look far, because Kara’s right there.

    The guys are hot, and the sex is dirty, but for Kara, caught in the middle of Zach and Ric’s emotional absurdity, it’s painfully clear their threesome just can’t last. Unless — they can somehow set their fears aside and accept they need one another to be whole.

  • Double High Five: A Billionaire Twin Romance by Alexis Darlington by Alexis Darlington

    0 out of 5

    Marshall and Taylor are twins. Billionaire twins to be exact.

    They enjoy ‘hunting’ where they head into the city and peruse the bars for suitable young women to accompany them for the evening. They happen upon a curvy red head and think nothing of using their twin powers to seduce her. The inevitable happens when you have two guys and one girl in a penthouse, when the guys are sexy as sin the woman has curves to die for.

    Smoking hot twin billionaire romance with a BBW and sex

  • A Summer Dream by Bianca Vix

    0 out of 5

    Lillah needed to recover from the aftermath of her divorce and having a fun, relaxing day at the beach was just the ticket. But everything changes when she meets two hot guys who like to share and she ends up having the night of her dreams with both of them.

    Lillah had no idea she would end up wanting Ty and Carson as much as they want each other!

    This erotic short story contains hot MMF threesome sex.