mmf romance

  • Date Night ( Daddy’s princess erotic romance) by Silver Vixen

    0 out of 5

    — Sometimes watching IS the action —

    Eastern-European bombshell Sveta always gets attention. Men are prone to turning into puddles at her feet—a bore. However, when a real man, Chris—a connoisseur of many things—becomes her latest devotee, she finds him wholly irresistible.

    Though otherwise superlative, Chris proves to still have hang-ups from his prior marriage. Something’s wrong. Will intimacy hinge upon a kink that’s just too wild for Sveta?

    As they say, two’s company . . . but maybe three’s just right.

    Intense attraction, honesty, and playfulness will intertwine throughout this most delicious date replete with untold firsts.

    If you enjoy short steamy stories without errors stopping the momentum and minimal profanity, this standalone book with a storyline, unapologetic sex scenes, no cliffhangers, and HEA is your kind of read.

    All characters are consensual adults in Erotica Wonderland.

  • A Summer Dream by Bianca Vix

    0 out of 5

    Lillah needed to recover from the aftermath of her divorce and having a fun, relaxing day at the beach was just the ticket. But everything changes when she meets two hot guys who like to share and she ends up having the night of her dreams with both of them.

    Lillah had no idea she would end up wanting Ty and Carson as much as they want each other!

    This erotic short story contains hot MMF threesome sex.

  • Try (Damian’s MMF Adventures) by Bianca Vix

    0 out of 5

    Damian is short on cash when his friend talks him into an easy-money gig. There’s nothing to filming some straight porn, right? But things really heat up when the shoot is done and Damian gets up close and personal with both of the stars.

    Try is book 1 in Damian’s Adventures. It can be read on its own or along with books 2-5, in which Damian and Jare continue their mmf fun.

    Book 2: Tempt

    Book 3: Hot

    Book 4: Bare

    Book 5: Love

    Warning: This erotic short story contains hot MMF threesome sex.

  • After Hours by Bianca Vix

    0 out of 5

    Jen’s friendly colleague Kade makes work a lot more fun, giving her some hot fuel for her fantasies even though she’s not sure if he wants her too. When she finds out he’s leaving for a new job, everything looks bleak until they get a lot closer in his office after hours.

    But things really start to heat up at the company barbeque, when Jen catches Kade with sexy Dex. What will she do when the two men invite her to join them?

    Warning: This erotic short story contains hot MMF threesome sex.