Mish Daniels

  • Bullets & Blackmail by Mish Daniels

    0 out of 5

    Don’t get involved with your target.

    I repeat: Don’t get involved with your target. It’s the first rule of the trade.

    What’s the trade? Part of it is cleaning up and taking out the trash. I don’t mean sweeping things under the rug or scrubbing out the laundry. I clean up the mess when things have gone so badly off the rails there is no other option. I make the problems go away, no questions asked.

    The other part? I find things. Lost things, stolen things or those belongings of your wealthy banker buddy that you covet but can’t afford. Anything is available for a price, pay me what I ask and its yours by whatever means necessary.

    One of those things was Emma Jones. The client paid me handsomely to find her, no questions asked.

    I never imagined what would happen next.