Milo Wursten

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  • Thin Lines of Lust by Milo Wursten

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    Jake, a young, struggling entrepreneur, is excited to meet his fiancé’s parents just two days after their engagement. He was invited to join the family vacation aboard a luxury boat where he could meet and spend time with his fiancé’s parents. His major concern was the possibility of being accepted into the high-status family that his fiancé had been born into.
    Jake soon discovers that the vacation was to be held aboard the family’s luxury yacht. Things quickly heat up as Jake discovers that Anne’s family is not what they appear to be. The males of the family have a secret and their burning desire and interest in him is about to take Jake down a path he had never traveled before. Will he give into their proposals and become more successful than he ever imagined in his life? Or will he leave it all behind? To make this decision, Jake must walk the thin lines of lust.

  • The Analyst: Gay Romance Men by Milo Wursten

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    A young professor in his mid 30’s obsessed with proving and disproving scientific theories conspiracies and laws of nature sets out to disprove the existence of a merman in a rural region in Brazil. He soon finds that the people of this region revere this creature as a savior and he decides to seek the creature out himself. He soon discovers that not only are mermen real but they possessed the most enchanting and alluring physiques of any creature known to man. After a night of inconceivable and unforgettable intimacy with the creature, he finds himself returning to the sea very often with hopes for one more night of intimacy. In the cold heat of embrace with the pelagic creature a certain law might yet be proven… spontaneous evolution.