Mica James

  • Bent Over His Bike Motorcycle Club Romance The Rippers MC Series by Mica James

    0 out of 5

    the Rippers MC. They’re looking for a clubhouse to conduct their business, and Cassidy knows just the place. The icing on top of the cake is Tommy, the club’s newest patched member. With his deep, soulful eyes, lopsided grin, and bad boy attitude, Cassidy just can’t resist his siren’s call.But when she gets caught eavesdropping on a club meeting, Tommy is forced to take her to task. He can’t have anyone but an MC member knowing their secrets—and that means Cassidy must be initiated. And that means bending her over his bike. Will Cassidy escape with her dignity intact? Or will she submit to the delicious depravity of the Rippers MC?

    One thing is certain: the Rippers are dangerous, and so are their rivals