Mia Caldwell

  • Seducing His Professor by Mia Caldwell

    0 out of 5

    Student-athlete and NBA-hopeful Clint Evers has been a thorn in Professor Tanya Nash’s side all semester. He’s careless and academically lazy, and it drives her insane to know he’s wasting his potential. She wants to get through to him, but she’s unprepared when he turns the tables and makes her realize there’s a lot going on beneath his playboy exterior—and he has wicked plans to seduce his teacher. Will she condone his extracurricular activities or shut down the cocky college student? She isn’t sure how things will progress, or what the future holds, as she lets herself fall for him. All she knows is, regardless of the consequences, he’s impossible to resist…

  • Scottish Billionaire’s Baby by Mia Caldwell

    0 out of 5

    Months ago, against her better judgment, Lizzy let Ian sweep her off her feet. When he disappears, leaving behind more than just regrets, she decides to follow him to Edinburgh and make sure he understands the consequences of their brief fling—due to arrive in a few months. Instead, she learns Ian was really Gerard. He stole his brother’s name and mannerisms to woo her before he was killed in a car accident.

    An accident of her own leaves Lizzy on bedrest and stranded in Scotland with only her former lover’s brother to watch out for her. He takes good care of her, but she has to safeguard her heart, because she’s falling for the gentle billionaire, and she’s certain he’s in love with her too. Their love can either heal both their wounded hearts or shatter them into fragments with no chance of ever being whole again. It’s a risk Lizzy isn’t sure she’s ready to take. Is Ian?