merman erotica

  • Saltwater Seduction by Anna Kinlan

    0 out of 5

    Kat is a busy executive in need of a rest. And where better to relax than a luxury tropical island.

    ‘The Last Resort’ is owned by Bastian Dumont, handsome, amber-eyed and enigmatic. Kat is determined not to get involved with him but then he gives her the most magical, seductive and satisfying massage of her life. She wants him, but he doesn’t seem to want her.

    Kat wants to find out why Bastian rejected her after what they shared, but she is in for a surprise. Bastian has secrets and there is far more magic to this man than his spell-binding masseur’s hands.

    A short erotic romance with a paranormal theme. Features a hot merman, a climactic massage and saltwater seduction.