• Instant Whips and Dream Toppings: A true-life dom rom com by Jacky Donovan

    0 out of 5

    What happens when you swap business suits for kinky boots?

    An MP with a choux fetish. A Paddington Bear with a penchant for pinnies. A squirming Batman in baggy blue Batpants.

    When Jacky meets Max she discovers desires she didn’t know she had, from luscious lesbians and ménages à trois to the tantalising thrill of control.

    With the power of her sexuality unleashed, Jacky transforms into Mistress Kimberley, a high-class, highly in demand temptress in command of her very own dungeon.

    Soon she is up to her black-leather basque in a wickedly delicious assortment of men and women and their bizarre and risqué fantasies.

    From mouth gags to witty gags, Instant Whips and Dream Toppings is a true-life rollercoaster of love, power and laughter that will leave you begging for more.

  • Dungeonette: Memoir of a Dominatrix by Claire Evora

    0 out of 5

    Set in the urban playground of Los Angeles, Dungeonette is the novella length memoir of a single mother and aspiring Dominatrix working her way through the ranks of a commercial BDSM dungeon. Claire tells unflinching, funny, and tender tales filled with her colorful community of women, clients and clubgoers.

  • SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART: A MEMOIR by Claudette Alexander

    0 out of 5

    Four years of daily passionate loving, near the ocean, in the car, during moonlight days and sunset horizons, coupled with glasses of rum punch, came to a halt when thick lipped, Linus Hyacinth, emigrated from St. Lucia to Canada in October 1972 in search of greener pastures.

    In the midst of trying to adjust to the extreme changes in climate, he searches for work as an architectural draftsman. Miserable and missing his lover, he worries about her loyalty amidst a sea of man-peckers. He writes her weekly professing his love and his desire for her to join him.

    Nine months later, June 1973, the naive Claudette Alexander, sets off on her journey in pursuit of love and prosperity. In Canada, love takes on a different direction as she tries to adjust to Linus’ broken promises, culture shock, racism and single parenting.

    As she embarks on the sea of love, she encounters stormy weather and her heart gets as frigid as the North American winters. It will take a special man to crack through her icy heart.

    After four failed relationships, she meets Malcolm James. He is quiet, patient and soft spoken and has loved her when he first met her as a teenager. He has yearned and longed for her. Crossed the ocean, and had his fair share of failed relationships.

    But Malcolm needs to break down these walls and bore through her icy heart to rescue her from herself and get to the sunrise as she battles kidney failure.

  • The Secret Life of Objects by Dawn Raffel

    0 out of 5

    Our objects tell the story of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve loved, and the lives we’ve lived. This unusual memoir s a quick read but will get you thinking about the things you’ve held onto throughout your own life. Selected by O, The Oprah Magazine as a “Best 2012 Memoirs” & “10 Titles To Pick Up Now” & “Best First Lines.” A few more reviews: “Her gift for capturing the nugget of a relationship in a single backward glance works beautifully in this illustrated memoir.” says The Chicago Tribune. “The Secret Life of Objects is a lean, brilliant, playful memoir,” says The San Francisco Chronicle. This book has black and white line illustrations by the author’s son, and is now on deeply discounted sale for one-time only.