Meg xuemei X

  • The Empress of Mysth 1: Angel’s Lust by Meg Xuemei X

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    For fans of Twilight, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and Fifty Shades of Grey, the sizzling new series The Empress of Mysth centered on war, lust, and love between an immortal race and fallen angels, before humankind walked the earth.

    Forbidden. Sworn Enemy. Wicked Seduction.

    Savage angels have come and turned Earth into a hunting ground. To save all earthborns, the fey princess, Rose agrees to the King of Angels' demand of marriage, knowing she won't survive the wedding night. The moment she comes tot he angels' city of Atlantis to find Forbidden Glory and banish angels from our planet, she awakens the darkest lust in the king's lethal brother.

    The most formidable angel comes across the universe and finds her, and he will stop at nothing to possess her, even if he must fall.

    The High Prince of Angels lost his taste for bedroom antics two millennia ago.Until the fey princess brings out the deepest craving in him. He's resisted her, for she is forbidden to him. But fighting millennia of pent-up lust is a hell of a battle, and he's losing.

    All is fair in love and war.

    The high prince offers Rose an indecent proposal: sleep with him once and he'll keep her safe. Rose will use it to divide and destroy the angels' house. While the unbridled lust consumes the prince, it also sets her ablaze.