Maxine Rivers

  • Jackie’s Treat (Special Service) by Maxine Rivers

    0 out of 5

    Cajoled by her best friend Heli into spicing up her sex-life curvy and shy Jackie agrees to give the new sex shop in town a try. Even before she dumped her boyfriend, Jackie’s sex-life wasn’t the most exciting and she never expected it to be anything else.

    Sexy shop manager Derek takes her by surprise in his eagerness to see to all her needs. He offers her a very special treat.

    Erotic short story of 10.800 words involving a shy BBW and a sexy store manager who personally sees to her satisfaction. Only intended for an adult audience.

  • Roman Games I: The Gladiator by Maxine Rivers

    0 out of 5

    An erotic story set in Ancient Rome.

    The gladiators, famous fighters of the arena, have always held a special erotic lure for Livia Pompeia. Submitting to one of them plays a major role in her sexual fantasies.

    Finally Livia has gathered her courage and hired herself a gladiator: Martialis the Gaul

    But sometimes things don’t work out as planned and Livia ends up experiencing more than she dreamed about.

    Note: Word-count roughly 12.000 words, approximately 30 pages.

    The story contains: sexual role playing, prostitution, slavery, sexual submission, rough vaginal and anal sex, and voyeurism.