Mary Hallberg

  • Children of Dust by Mary Hallberg

    0 out of 5

    A camping trip. A weekend in the woods. And a clan of the bloodthirsty undead.

    16-year-old Tinleigh Brown just wants a fun weekend camping with her friends. Upon their arrival, Simon, the handsome son of the campground’s co-owner, tells them the story of the Children of Dust — a family of vampires that have lived in the area for over a hundred years. At first, Tinleigh and her friends just laugh it off. Who believes in vampires anymore?

    But then Tinleigh hears rustling in the woods, has dreams about summoning corpses and wakes up with strange puncture marks on her neck. Are these just bug bites, as Simon and the staff insist? Or are these woods really haunted by the undead? If the Children are real…they might not let Tinleigh and her friends leave unscathed.

    Equal parts suspenseful and romantic, Children of Dust will satisfy fans of Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer alike.