Mary Elizabeth Fricke

  • Roses for the Sparrow by Mary Elizabeth Fricke

    0 out of 5

    It was bad enough that her best friend/employer took off on an extended honeymoon leaving Jani to oversee the building of their new business alone. In strolls this tall, dark and handsome contractor who makes it clear he intends to become the center of Jani's attention. But, is Rick too good to be true? Why is he the one who continually finds long stemmed roses on her car or at her door? What kind of admirer leaves expensive roses to freeze on windshields or be trampled on the floor?

    Some girls have all the luck─ or maybe that's no luck at all.

    How often does a girl have two stalkers after her at the same time?

  • Pigeon in a Snare by Mary Elizabeth Fricke

    0 out of 5

    Lisa Cromwell's euphoria over a weekend of successful sales begins to plummet when an old boyfriend, Lex Hunt, unexpectedly enters her craft and gift shop. Then she receives a telephone call from someone she despises (Sheldon Humsler, the acting head of Cromwell, Inc.). Of Lex, she has fond memories but they didn't part amicably and she doesn't want to revisit that pain. S. Humsler only wishes to antagonize her. Lisa knows S. Humsler was on a course to overtake (or destroy) her father's real estate business but her father (Benton Cromwell) trusted S. Humsler enough to give him control should he die unexpectedly. Unfortunately, Benton did die several months before and Lisa is reluctant to take the final steps to close her father's estate. Minutes after the heated telephone conversation with S. Humsler Lisa is abducted at gun point from her shop. Lex witnesses the abduction and follows….