Marla Horn

  • Sweat and Grind: The Stripper’s Pleasure (Stripper Exotic Dancer Erotica) by Marla Horn

    0 out of 5

    Come along for a wild, deeply sexual and sometimes humorous ride through a slice of this sexy stripper’s life! The strippers at Topper’s strip club ride high on a wave of sexual exploration empowerment. This 8,000 word story will take you through a gamut of intensely erotic situations that are sure to leave you out of breath and wanting more! It is meant for people 18 and over.

    Excerpt:Adam enjoyed himself, though. I could tell by his boner barometer. I lean toward his ear, still on his lap. “After my set, why don’t I show you what I can do in the VIP room next time?” He nods. He’s ready. After my number, Adam and I adjourn to the land of the High Rollers, the VIP lounge, where men enter with thick wallets and leave with a case of blue balls. It’s basically a large, dark room with mirrored walls, wrap-around leather sectionals, but a bit more intimate than the main club.