Marie Pinkerton

  • I Dream of Being Spanked by a Genie by Marie Pinkerton

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    For Kylie Winslow, hunting treasures in thrift stores for her antique shop is an everyday activity until she finds a phallic-shaped oil lamp. Rubbing the lamp summons Zakariya, a nine-hundred-year-old genie trapped in the brass.

    Kylie is ready to request her wishes, but there’s a catch: Zack doesn’t grant wishes–he gives spankings.

    I Dream of Being Spanked by a Genie is the first episode of the Genie serial, an erotic BBW spanking romance with fantastical situations and magical beings. The story contains strong sexual themes and consensual spankings, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. About 17,000 words.