Mara Montfort

  • Dragonstone: The Future of Caemour by Mara Montfort

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    Dragonstone: The Future of Caemour is a short story prequel to the Dragonstone Series, a novella series of fantasy, adventure and romance.

    True love or instant death – such is the blessing and the curse that comes with the powerful Dragonstone, one of the rarest and most magical gems on the earth.

    Given as a gift to Sir Aedan of Caemour, next in line to the throne, the Dragonstone was destined to lead him to his true love. But on one fateful evening, he was lured into a trap that caused the stone to leave his grasp, putting his future and all of Caemour’s inhabitants in great peril.

    Now he must embark on a dangerous quest to right the wrong that had been wrought upon him and his family. Had he really lost all hope of finding true love? And was there any point in starting a journey that might already be doomed?