• First Things First by E. Reese

    0 out of 5

    Not even twenty-four hours into their agreement and Harper is convinced seven days with Hoyt won’t be enough.

    Twenty-five year old curvy Harper Carlisle agrees to be at Hoyt Selwyn’s personal beck and call for seven days. She’ll do everything he commands and in return, he will reward her for obedience and punish her for disobedience. After seven days, Harper will join Selwyn & Associations, the hottest political consulting firm in Washington D.C., as an analyst.

    No one loses and everyone wins, right?

    Except Harper realizes she might have feelings for Hoyt that go beyond the proper respect due to a brilliant political mind she’s idolized since she was an undergrad. The only problem is Hoyt has made it clear to her he doesn’t want anything more than seven days. Hoyt controls every aspect of his life, including the duration of his intimate relationships. If Harper can even consider what they have as a relationship.

    Will Hoyt finally let her in? Or will he insist that she remain in the perfectly, but temporarily, constructed compartment of his private life?

  • Homosensual by Quick Johnny

    0 out of 5

    Mason Rowland is a 25 years old australian man living a boring life. He has a wife with whom he has no sex anymore, a routinary job and nothing to live for. Everything changes when he decides to be a sex slave. Pablo, his latino master, will take him to the wonderful world of gay BDSM and fetishism.