• Magdalin by Munmun Singha Chowdhury

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    “Do you agree life is boring without fantasy? But fantasy means living in dreams! What if our dreams turn into reality like Magdalin believed it would?

    Magdalin and Dev Mukherjee were childhood friends who did their schooling together. For graduation, they joined DB College in Guwahati where Magdalin met Pranab Das in the first year of college. Pranab belonged to a typical Bengali family. Eventually, they both ended up falling in love with each other. While looking Magdalin with Pranab, Dev realized his feeling for Magdalin. Out of excitement, Pranab shares his feeling for Magdalin to her mother. But instead, she asked him to leave his college.

    During her visit as Civil Officer, she came across many women that inspired her to become a better version of herself. Meanwhile, Mag fought many battles. She was heartbroken yet she made it look strongly beautiful. It was the pain that gave her strength. It was a fire in her eyes not tears when she faced the universe. It was her zeal which leads her to the journey of success that changed her into the person she became.

    Sometimes it takes years to realize your fantasy world doesn’t exist but still in the back of your mind you still believe it may. What will she do now, choose her new self or will go with her old love?”