Madeline Ash

  • Uncovered by Love by Madeline Ash

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    Vera Cole is a passionate sculptor whose dream is to study art in Spain. But when wealthy investor Leeson Stone offers her work at his gallery, Vera’s dwindling bank balance forces her to agree.

    Leeson is a man who measures himself by financial success, while Vera couldn’t be less interested in material things. And both have secrets they are desperate to hide.

 But the more time they spend together, the more they struggle to resist the powerful attraction between them.

    Knowing the truth would ruin him, Leeson avoids commitment. But when Vera works up the courage to reveal her past, Leeson falls hard for the bravest woman he has ever met. Can two people from very different worlds overcome their fears and learn to trust in love and one another?

    A moving, contemporary romance about love against all the odds.