M.J. Perry

  • Unlikely Love by M.J. Perry

    0 out of 5

    Scarlett Miller had been looking forward to a quiet night in watching a movie and eating her way through a tub of ice cream.
    Instead of the relaxing night she’d planned, she finds herself traipsing around town looking for her sister Ruby. She’s used to bailing Ruby out of trouble, but this time she finds herself in a situation she can’t control and with a problem too huge for her to deal with alone.
    Then, she meets James Harrison.
    He’s a bossy, sexy, and arrogant man who takes it upon himself to protect her and keep her safe.
    She shouldn’t complain, with Ruby intent on making things worse, Scarlett needs his help. But her feelings for him confuse her, and even as she’s worrying for Ruby’s safety, and her own, she can’t stop thinking about how it would feel if he kissed her.

    Sparks fly in this instant love romance.