Luke Mallory

  • Singleton by Luke Mallory

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    Ever since he was a boy, John Singleton has had only one goal in life: to not be single.

    John is a just a piano-playing kid with a kind heart when he meets Catherine, his first true love. After she suddenly moves to another city, John struggles to find a balance through his teenage years as his quest for love is joined by lust. On the verge of failing his high school diploma, he bounces back into life and love. But not for long. Following a string of disappointments in his twenties, John’s kind heart becomes a broken and bitter one as he embarks on a series of meaningless flings.

    Just when he is ready to give up on love, fate offers one final twist to achieve his goal…

    Naughty, sexy, smart and funny, Singleton is the sparkling debut novella by Luke Mallory. Don’t miss it!