love & redemption

  • Reelwoman by David Eric Miller

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    Reelwoman is a story of a young woman’s journey through a part of American subculture with which few people are familiar, yet is pervasive in all corners of society, outlawed by some, reprehensible to others, and voraciously consumed by ever-growing numbers.

    The story begins with sultry Rachel Bollei “pole dancing” in a New York City strip-club. There she meets Michael, a new customer, who will come to play an important role in her life. And it is while dancing that she also meets porn star, Dina Devon and her manager, Al Ganz, who are traveling cross-country on a dance circuit, and who, along with Rachel’s on-again-off-again husband, Roger, lure her to Los Angeles to check out the “happening porn scene.”

    She quickly becomes disenchanted with the “life” and decides to return home to New York. But she had made a powerful enemy in L.A., and her life is never the same.

    Reelwoman is an erotic, romantic thriller, a drama about women’s sexuality … power, money, carnal pleasures, and excess. Above all, it is a story of redemption and love.

    Author’s note:

    I would like to briefly address the sexually graphic nature of some of the content. I have wrestled with the question of censorship—my own and that of others. My conclusion is that suppression of words and ideas lies in the province of tyrannies, and any meaningful censorship should begin in the family home. Still, some may be offended, so the old admonition applies: Reader discretion is advised!