love and romance

  • Prophecy of Love by T. Satterfield

    0 out of 5

    Gabe Mendes thinks love will make his life worth living. But by the time he stumbles across Pythia—mystic and high priestess—he’s already failed miserably in love yet again. So in exchange for access to the universe of love he agrees to slay the black ram. But unlucky in love isn’t his only problem. Turns out—love isn’t even what he thinks it is. And the black ram, well, it might just kill him.
    Prophecy of Love, written in the genre of magical realism, is a romantic adventure of self-discovery packed with historic, scientific, and cultural information. It promises to demystify love while providing readers with a solid foundation for building healthy, loving relationships that still embrace the mystical.

  • MY SOUL TO GIVE by M. A. Fréchette

    0 out of 5

    With a fatal bullet in her gut, Celina trades her soul to a demon for the chance to wreak revenge. As everything she thought she knew crumbles, Mekaisto’s seductive charms become irresistible. And one shocking truth tempts her to break her vow…or succumb to the devil she knows.

  • Gus (Satan’s Fury MC Memphis Chapter) by L. Wilder

    0 out of 5

    Club life isn’t for everyone, but for me—it was everything.

    I was a man who’d always demonstrated loyalty, pride, and grit. My brothers and those around me knew I was someone they could trust, that I would always hold true to my word. They knew I’d never waver or show signs of weakness when it came to my commitment to the club, and as the new president of Satan’s Fury Memphis, I knew exactly what I had to do.

    Then, I met her … Samantha Travers—a woman who consumed me and I knew there would never be another.

    This is my story. My Beginning.

  • Desire Part Three by Ava Alexia

    0 out of 5

    Matthew Edelston has everything a man could want. A private estate in Aruba, race horses, private jets. But now he wants Tess with her spit and vinegar attitude and all.

    Tessa Zepler comes from an oil family worth billions. But she’s a maverick trying to make it on her own as a fashion photographer.

    Will Tess’ sense of adventure keep her away from Matt. Or will Matt and Tess finally give in to their undeniable desire?