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  • Immortal Possession by Louisa Crane

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    Nestled in a deep mountain valley is the ancient and mysterious Castle of the Hidden Grotto, home to four exquisitely beautiful immortals who captivate and ravish their human visitors, fulfilling their wickedest romantic fantasies, their most secret hungers…

    Two of those immortals, Elic and Lili, share a centuries-old love story that can never be consummated, since his physiology prevents him from making love to his own kind. It is the castle’s human houseguests who satisfy the couple’s unquenchable lust. Elic accepts Lili’s need for sexual sustenance, but he seethes with jealousy when she seems a bit too infatuated with handsome Swedish tennis star Viktor Larsson. Thinking to give her a taste of her own medicine, Elic transforms into a woman to lure Larsson into mind-blowing sex, then turns back into a male to entice Larsson’s beautiful fiancee-only to have second thoughts after it’s too late to undo what he started.

    This book is an RT BookReviews Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner by USA bestselling author Louisa Crane. This 62-page stand-alone novella is a revised and expanded edition of a story that was originally published by Bantam Dell in Book 1 of a paranormal series written under a different pen name. That book was an RT BookReviews Top Pick and was honored with their Reviewers’ Choice Award.